pablo bruera
pablo bruera

Pablo Bruera was born on November 14 1972 in Montevideo, Uruguay. From 1974 he lived in Venezuela until his return to Montevideo in 1984. Since 2001 he has lived in Spain.


«Trascendance» sculptures and prints, February-March 2017, Toulouse, France. 
«Please Touch!» open air exhibition, August-November 2016, Salou, Spain.
«Retrospective» Torre Vella-Salou, June 2016, Tarragona, Spain.
«Sculptures» Sala Dalmau Gallery, January-March 2016, Barcelona, Spain.
«Please Touch!» sculptures, Rebecca Hossack Gallery, June-July 2015, London.
«Please touchr!» sculptures, Clínica Teknon, Víctor Lope Gallery, October-December 2014, Barcelona.
«Shadows» sculptures, prints and photos, Sala C. F. Sáez, May-June  2014, Montevideo, Uruguay.
«Tridimensional dialogue» sculptures and prints, Pablo Atchugarry Foundation, room 1, April 2014, Punta del Este-Uruguay.
«Mobile Art» Alfama Gallery, January 2012, Madrid, Spain. 

«Mobile Art» open air exhibition in La Rambla de Catalunya, October-November 2011, Barcelona-Spain. 

«And yet it moves!» H41 Gallery, June-October 2011, Oberfrick-Switzerland.

Sala Dalmau Gallery, May-June 2010, Barcelona.

«Sensual» Carme Espinet gallery, May-June 2009, Barcelona-Spain.

«Sensual» Alfama Gallery, December 2008, Madrid-Spain.

«Genesis»  Alfama Gallery, March 2006, Madrid-Spain.

«A Possible World» Interatrium Gallery, July 2004, Barcelona-Spain.

Torre Vella-Salou, May 2005, Tarragona-Spain.

«A Possible World» Cervantes Institut, April 2004, Wien-Austria.

«Macadam» Kalós Gallery, June 2002, Barcelona-Spain.

«Macadam» Trench Gallery, January 2002, Punta del Este-Uruguay.

«Macadam» Room C.F. Sáez, July 2001, Montevideo-Uruguay.

Goethe Institut, September 2000, Montevideo-Uruguay.


Red Penguion Gallery, November-January 2014-2015, Marbella-Spain.
Sala Dalmau Gallery, July-September 2014, Barcelona-Spain.
Art23 Gallery, April 2013, Pézenas-Francia.
«Jacint Salvadó & Pablo Bruera», Sala Dalmau Gallery, November 2011, Barcelona-Spain.

«The Arto f Vinyl», Catalunya Galleries Association, October  2010, Barcelona-Spain.

«Eros+ismes», Center of Art Contemporary, September-Decem,ber 2009, Tarragona-Spain.

«XXV Aniversary», Alfama Gallery, November 2009, Madrid-Spain.

«Abstractions», Carme Espinet Gallery, July-September 2009, Barcelona-Spain.

Sala Dalmau Gallery, July-September 2008, Barcelona-Spain.

Alfama Gallery, July 2008,  Madrid-Spain.

«Art& Wood», National Museum of Art, June  2006, Montevideo-Uruguay

Rebecca Hossack Gallery, November-December 2005, London-UK.

Alfama Gallery, July 2005,  Madrid-Spain.

Sala Dalmau Gallery, January-February 2005, Barcelona-Spain.

«Art catalunya amb el fòrum», Carme Espinet Gallery, July-September 2004, Barcelona-Spain.

«The mark of the Constructivism», Sala Dalmau Gallery, May 2004, Barcelona-Spain.

Sala Dalmau Gallery, July-September 2002, Barcelona-Spain.

Carme Espinet Gallery, July-September 2002, Barcelona-Spain.

«49 National Art Prize», National  Museum of Art, August 2001, Montevideo-Uruguay.

«Paul Cézanne Prize», Art Center of the Council, November 2000, Montevideo-Uruguay.

«8 Salto Bienal», Art Center of the Council, November 2000, Salto-Uruguay.

«Batuz Art Prize », Room Carlos F. Sáez del MTOP, April 2000, Montevideo-Uruguay.

Marta Traba Gallery, Latin America Memorial, December 1999, San Pablo-Brasil.

«Auction of Contemporary Artists », Gomensoro Auctions, November 1999, Montevideo-Uruguay.

«Bank of Mortgage Prize», Bank of Mortgage, December 1998, Montevideo-Uruguay.

«VII Internacional Room of Press Artists», Usina do Gasometro, November 1998, Porto Alegre-Brasil.

«Council Art Prize», Art Center of the Council, November 1998, Montevideo-Uruguay.